Change your drawing (ss one svg) to photographic image with Stable Diffusion

This is a test data a-powerbook-100.svg that I drew on ss one:

a powerbook 100

This image Stable Diffusion generated:

a powerbook 100 SD art by Leonardo DaVinci

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Let's make your drawing simple with the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm

Previous post, How to get native ss one data from SVG that is exported from ss one, I explained how to get ss one drawing native data. This post, I will try using the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm in order to make it change to (a kind of) simple.

This is a test data a-coffee-cup.svg:


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How to get native ss one data from SVG that is exported from ss one

When you export your drawing from ss one to your Google Drive, you can get a SVG file. This SVG file contains not only SVG data but also native ss one data. In this post, I will discover the way to see and get this native ss one data.

Let's see a simplest example just one circle SVG (just-a-circle.svg):

the simplest just a cirle ss one SVG that contains native ss one data

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Release SmallSketch one (ss one) version 1.0.2

This is a bug fix release. Previous version (version 1.0.1) has the wrong canvas location restoring bug. This bug will occur when going to home screen and back.

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SmallSketch one (ss one), user guide

ss one overview

I wrote the "ss one" User Guide

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ss one, introduction

I made the demo video for ss-one ss one, draw lines, lasso, resize, rotate and erase them.


Watch this demo on the youtube.

You can also get this app on the google play store.

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